Renegade is a Rusher class. Its built on stealth, speed, and uses special abilities to pummel their opponents very quickly.

Abilities Edit

[PASSIVE] Reaper's Mark

Whenever Renegade hits an enemy, the enemy is marked with a scythe above him. This can be useful for tracking down hiding enemies. If Renegade keeps hitting them, red will start to fill up the scythe symbol. On the tenth hit, the damage is greatly increased, damage can range on the tenth hit from 12-18. Renegade also has an invisibility bar, which will be put into more detail in the E ability.

[E] Invisibility

This allows the user of this sub class turn invisible until your Invisibility bar gauge runs out, or you press E again. The user moves faster and uses a dark, shadow cloak to conceal himself. Every second, a dark image will appear for 0.1 seconds before fading away, giving off the presence of Renegade lurking around. You can still attack whilst invisible, but cannot using abilities. Using Terror or Trauma whilst invisible will buff them.

[Z] Terror

This ability creates a large, dark, skeleton skull around your hand. It simply pushes the Renegade's opponents away in a vertical AoE. The damage differs from 10-20. It will mostly only do 12 or 14 damage to its opponent. It doesn't use up too much mana, and reloads quickly. If Renegade is invisible whilst using this ability, it will instead create a horizontal AoE that deals more damage, and also decreases enemies' movement speed by 0.2. It uses up 9 mana.

[X] Gash

This move uses up 25 mana. This ability makes Renegade spin the Carnufico around to create a barrage of circular attacks, alike to one of Barbarian's abilities. It does up to 5-8 damage for each time the Carnufico hits their opponent.

[C] Trauma

This move uses up 35 mana. Trauma creates a large circle of dark energy in front of the caster and whoever is inside the circle is attacked by a large, red square of energy if they are inside the circle. The damage ranges from 12-22 Damage. If you are invisible, and use Trauma, then any enemies inside the circle will also get a decreased .2 movement speed.

[V] Execution

The finishing ability of Renegade. It uses up 50 mana, but this cost is worth it. This move creates a dark circle of energy, like Trauma, but the circle goes around the caster. Enemies that is close by or touching the circle are immobilized, and the caster uses one large slash on the targets. If your target has above 30 HP, this move ignores armour, dealing a raw 20 damage, but if they have 30 HP or are below that, it does 9999 damage, which really is not necessary if they have under 31 HP.

Bugs Edit

As of now, there are no known bugs for Renegade.

Nerfs Edit

None yet. Yay!