Obsidian is a uniquely defensive mage, taking advantage of the ability to set up its own playing field to manipulate opponents into tight positions. Obsidian heavily relies on its use of Obelisks, seeing as two to three of its abilities requires them. Obsidian has a great deal of knockback with an evenly-proportional playstyle.

Will you be a more defensive Obsidian, sticking by your Obelisks as though they were a fortress?

Or will you play more offensively, getting right into people's faces with plinko-esque knockback and AOE erasion?



[PASSIVE] Obsidian Armor

The User is surrounded by an unseen armor, granting the User an extra 1. defense, and slightly lowering their walkspeed. Every hit the User takes from an outside source multiplies the extra defense by .6, slightly lowering it. Obsidian Armor will, a short while after taking any recent hits, regenerate itself by .1 every few seconds. Additionally, when Obsidian Armor is lowered it will increase the User's walkspeed, based on how low Obsidian Armor is.

[E] Summon Obelisk:

(Mana Cost: 15 per Obelisk)

(Cooldown: When any prior Obelisks explode or dissipate)

Obsidian is unique in the way it makes use of Obelisks, small floating pillars that rise from the ground, to set up it's playing field. When the User presses [E] they slam Hashira down, an Obelisk appearing at the location of the mouse, with a limit of 3 Obelisks on the field at any given time. The Obelisks will dissipate after a period of 20 seconds. Placing the Obelisks also makes a small explosion at their location, dealing a small amount of damage to opponents nearby. After two seconds, it will give off a light AOE effect that boosts the Users' defense by .5 while near the obelisk, while simultaneously lowering opponents' armor by .3 and dealing light damage when they are near the Obelisk.

This ability can be used to bring out Obelisks.

[Z] Energy Ball:

(Mana Cost: 5 per Obelisk)

(Cooldown: 10 seconds)

When the User presses [Z], any Obelisks the User has placed on the field will begin to charge up energy for 1 second before firing off a ball of energy at the location of the mouse, albiet at a slightly random angle. When the Energy Balls connect with a surface or opponent, they explode, dealing moderate to high damage at and around the point of impact. Additionally, when an Energy Ball hits or explodes on an opponent, the opponents' damage and movement speed are decreased by .05. This amount stacks with however many Energy Balls hit the opponent.

This ability can only be used when Obelisks are out.

[X] Fissure:

(Mana Cost: 25)

(Cooldown: 10 seconds)

When the User presses [X], they slam Hashira into the ground forcefully, sending an AOE shockwave of a fault-line, a Fissure, out in a straight line in front of the User. Alone, Fissure does light damage and decreases opponents' damage and movement speed by .05; This may not seem like much, but when it is used in the path of any Obelisks, that's where Fissure truly shines. When used on any Obelisks out, Fissure will cause them to explode; dealing massive AOE damage, incredibly high stun, and also decreasing the opponents' damage, defense and movement speed by .1 per how many exploding Obelisks hit the opponent. 

This ability can be used when Obelisks are not out, though it is quite weaker.

[C] Armor Breaker:

(Mana Cost: 30)

(Cooldown: 15 seconds)

When the User presses [C], they break apart the Obsidian Armor, cutting it's current value in half while simultaneously sending out an AOE explosion from the User. The explosion deals light damage, while also decreasing the opponent's defense by .4, relative to the amount the User broke off.

This ability can be used when Obelisks are not out.

[V] Obelisk Hop:

(Mana Cost: 10 per Obelisk)

(Cooldown: 20 seconds)

When the User presses [V] with any Obelisks out, the User brings down Hashira, causing an AOE explosion out from the User, teleporting them to the first Obelisk they placed. The User hops from Obelisk to Obelisk, relative to which ones you placed first to last, causing them to each give off an AOE explosion that deals moderate to high damage, while also lowering opponents' damage and movement speed by .05 per how many explosions hit the opponent.

This ability can only be used when Obelisks are out. 

Additional Information Edit

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