Nether Edit

Nether abuses his extremely low cooldown speed of attacks, and relies mainly on his abilities to win himself fights and to escape a lost battle.

An offensive samurai who wields the power of the void. Nether abuses being able to spam abilities and katana attacks at ease, easily destroying enemies.

Abilities Edit

[PASSIVE] - Void Samurai

Void Samurai-all of Nether's void-related abilities except Void Breaker only uses up part of the cooldown, while all katana-related abilities uses the entire cooldown but does not cost mana, or cost 10 mana.

Every time Nether deals damage his skills cooldown faster.

Nether's maximum health reduced to 850.

[E] - Katana Pose

Nether enters a stance that points the Void Katana forward, which gives Nether a new set of katana-related abilities. Nether can exit this stance at any time. Holding katana moves will add additional effect to them at the cost of 10 mana.

[Z] - Void Buster

Nether channels the Void Katana, then the blade releases a pure energy laser in front of Nether, dealing great stun and damage.

Precise Hit-Nether quickly dashes forward with the Void Katana. Any enemy Nether hits gets damaged based on how much defense the enemy has.

Additional effect: extra precise hit.

[X] - Void Orb

Nether shoots a fast moving orb forward, if the orb hits, then Nether teleports to what the orb hits. The orb decreases movement, while Nether's teleport decreases enemies defense.

Slice Wave-Nether creates an AoE slice wave infront of him that deals low damage.

Additional effect: extra slice at the end.

[C] - Pulse Field

Nether creates a void portal that damages enemies. After a couple of seconds, any enemy inside the field gets damaged and reduced movement.

Sonic Strike-Nether enters another stance, teleports forward slicing everything oh it's way. Deals low damage.

Additional effect: after a Sonic Strike Nether starts spinning and do 2 extra slices that deal lower damage.

[V] - Void Breaker

Nether jumps into the air then slams the Void Katana into the ground, creating a void portal that moves forward, dealing great damage and decreasing damage.

Stats Edit

Class: Mage

Sub Role: Rusher

Defense: 1

Damage: 1

Walkspeed: 0.9

Health: 850

Pros Edit

  • Extremely low cooldowns
  • Wide range of abilities
  • One of the best classes for kiting
  • Abilities don't cost much mana, or don't cost any mana at all.
  • 7 abilities, as opposed to the normal 4

Cons Edit

  • High skill required to play it right.
  • Just 1-2 mistakes and Nether is dead.
  • Low damage.
  • 850 health as opposed to the normal 1000

Strategies Edit

  1. Kiting. This strategy requires skill. All you need to do is to keep middle distance between you and your enemy, so enemy can't reach you and you can spam abilities safely. Always spam last ranged combo attack. Tip: always keep an ability to escape, like Void Orb.