Mechanic Edit

Sub role:SupportMechanic is a class that relies on his machinery to support himself and his allies on the battlefield

Mechanic can play Defensively or Offensively while supporting allies with armor, or Mechanic itself.

Abilities Edit

[Passive]:Machine Herald.

When mechanic summons an armor, Mechanic increases defence by 20% but, decrease movement speed by 10% for a couple of seconds.


Overclock increase the Mechanic's action speed and cooldowns,but cannot regenarate mana while Overclock is in use.

[Z]:Railgun Armor.

Adds a weak but fast-firing gun to the mechanic. Increases defence. Slow down enemies upon succesful hit. Can be equiped on allies or Mechanic.

[X]:Plasma Cannon Armor.

Adds a slow-shooting gun to the mechanic. Increases defence. Does an AoE dmg that debuffs damage. Can be equiped on allies or Mechanic.

[C]:Tri-Blades Armor.

Adds a trio of blades. Increases damage. Does melee damage. Can be equiped on allies or Mechanic.

[V] (Ultimate):Satellite Strike.

  • Targets a laser at a location where the mouse is.
  • Has 2 strikes:
  • First strike: A red circle appears at the targeted location and does damage and slows enemies
  • Second strike: Fires a laser that stuns and damages anyone near it and inside it

Pros and Cons of Mechanic:


  • Has range that rivals even the Trooper
  • Gadgets and Gauntlet add up to four parries at once
  • Defensive buffs makes mechanic a good tank
  • Guns and Tri Blades can be used when equipped on allies. This means that if an ally is stunned when equipped with a gadget, they can stilled be fired
  • Satellite strike can be targeted anywhere


  • Gadgets cost lots of mana
  • A full mana bar is needed to effectively use mechanic
  • Mechanic is dependent on gadgets
  • Offensive game is poor
  • Gadgets don't last long


Mechanic is best used as a support character, sitting back and giving people armor. He is best used during team fight, since he can buff people while being able to pick off enemies from a distance. You should give to his railgun and plasma cannon armor to classes that lack range and his tri blade armor to classes that rely on range. This way, he can keep the class able to pursuit their enemies with their weakness. Since his plasma cannon and railgun can be combined, it is best to use them that way. Then you can sit atop a platform and strike enemies and reducing their movement. His ultimate is best used on groups of fighters due to its stun, but low damage.