Cryo is a Mage class focused on ice.

Overview Edit

The Cryo is a Mage class with the Sub-Role of Hexer. They are some kind of frost wizard that has a focus on frost and ice drakes. It has two modes, and its power lies in the balance of Mana, Frost, and Drakes. The Cryo gets stronger over time.

Abilties Edit

Drake Claw Edit

The Drake Claw is the basic melee attack of the Cryo. It hits in a short range in front of it, dealing about 50-70 damage, and, once several hits are made, it summons an ice ball, going a short range and exploding, dealing damage.

Ice Drakes Edit

The Cryo adds another bar next to Mana called Frost, increasing by 1 per second. When Frost reaches 100, it resets, and spawns an Ice Drake. You can have a maximum of 3 Ice Drakes. The Drakes follow you, and copy your Cold Front and Drake Claw.

Cold Front Edit

Cold Front shoots a small ice ball towards your cursor. It deals 60-80 damage, and costs 10 Mana, as well as giving you 6 Frost.

Frostfang Edit

Frostfang requires at least one Drake to use. It swipes that Drake forwards a small area. On contact it explodes, debuffing damage, dealing anywhere from 100-150 damage, and destroys that Drake. It costs 15 Mana, and gives 60 Frost.

Dry Ice Edit

Dry Ice summons a Dry Ice field around the user. It only stops when activated again, and follows the user. When active, the user can't use any other moves and has 0.55 walkspeed. It repeatedly deals about 30-50 damage to enemies caught in the area, and drains Mana at a rate of 1 per second.

Savage Wrath Edit

Savage Wrath spins your Drakes above you int he air, reducing your Walkspeed to 0.4. When clicked, a large laser is sent to your mouse pointer, dealing high damage and making a large field of ice, dealing about 60-70 damage with 1 Drake, 80-100 damage with 2 Drakes and 30-110 damage with 3 Drakes repeatedly, also lowering Movement. However, all the Drakes are then destroyed. It costs 40 Mana.

Ice Monarch Edit

Can only be used with at least 1 Drake. Ice Monarch combines all Drake into a helmet that can be deactivated at will. The helmet drastically changes moves, lets you gain Frost by dealing damage, and sets the Movement Speed high, but it is slowly drained. It costs 10 Mana to make, then drains 2 Mana per second. None of the moves cost Mana.

Cold Front Edit

Cold Front now is a large slash that covers the front half of your body. It deals about 50-70 damage, and reloads quickly.

Frostfang Edit

Frostfang is now a move that makes the user jump forwards, leaving a slash that does about 60-70 damage.

Dry Ice Edit

Dry Ice is similar except it stays in the place it was created.

Savage Wrath Edit

Stays the same

Trivia Edit

  • The only Mage class with a none Rusher sub-role.