Anubis Edit

Anubis is a fake stupid idiot

Abilities Edit

[PASSIVE] - Siphon

Whenever Anubis kills an enemy, it creates a black sphere effect on him, meaning hes taken their soul. This adds to Anubis's stats to no limit, and will continue to do so as long as he kills more and more enemies. However, despite the stat buffs, this can stop health regeneration completely, as Anubis will have to rely on the Cursed Field to take the health of others.

[E] - Egyptian Curse

Anubis casts a spell onto a target, takes their stats similar to Siphon, and lowers their defense but increases damage. Anubis can use this only on one enemy.

[Z] - Spirit Field

Anubis raises his staff and targets an opponent, which makes a slashing animation. This slows the opponent down, lowers defense and damage. Does not do physical damage.

[X] - Absorbing Strike

Anubis charges his staff, and strikes, "absorbing" the opponent, and gives buffs to Anubis. Deals damage also.

[C] - Curse of the Anhk

Anubis raises his staff, and can now deal more damage with his staff.

[V] - Curse Field

Anubis strikes down his staff, which creates a field stopping any opponents nearby, slowly damaging them. If Anubis has enough kills, then he regenerates from the opponents. The enemy can still hit him if they are within melee range, or have a class with a long ranged weapon.

Bugs Edit

No known bugs as yet.

Nerfs Edit

None right now.